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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Annoying with Search.findeer.com Virus? Remove Search.findeer.com Browser Hijacker Manually

Search.findeer.com Hijacked My Homepage, Manual Guide to Remove Search.findeer.com Browser Hijacker

Search.findeer.com is known as a highly hijacker virus, which is based on rootkit technology and redirect you to a tricky page. Once installed,Search.findeer.com  will take over your browsers and changes your default homepage. When you search something from Google, the results come up correctly, but when you click on the links, it will redirect to unwanted web sites. That is why people call it Google search redirect virus.  Search.findeer.com may delete import system files and modify registry entries, which enable it to runs itself automatically. Don’t try to live with Search.findeer.com peacefully, it will secretly steal your private data, such as bank accounts, password, system information etc. Remove it now and make your computer clean.

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