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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AV Security 2012 fake, Super Dangerous Rogue Removal Tool

What is AV Security 2012? It drives me crazy!

AV Security 2012 is a new rogue and scam which has become a big threat to the computer users. It has become a general knowledge that this AV Security 2012 can't be removed by anti-virus tools for it is able to block tasks on the computer. This is often a fatal issue when users want to fix their computer, however, the computer is just like in death and seems nothing can fix it. Users may search all around the internet and find lots of guide like this:

1. All associate files of AV Security 2012 Virus to be deleted:
%AppData%\[random]\AV Security 2012.ico
%DesktopDir%\AV Security 2012.lnk
%Programs%\AV Security 2012\AV Security 2012.lnk

2. Delete AV Security 2012 Virus registry entries:

Question then will be asked: Did the guides are useful?

The answer is yes. But computer users should realize that the AV Security 2012 is a nasty and stubborn virus which can mutate itself and will add more registries and files into the targeted computer. The manual removal online sometimes may not guide you to remove AV Security 2012 completely. And the virus will come back again when you boot the computer.

What's the most effective way to remove AV Security 2012 fake?

Usually, most viruses won't pop up in the safe mode. And this is important to stop the virus and get pass the virus screen. So the first step is to reboot the computer and then get in the safe mode and scan the computer system with the present anti-virus programs. However, many computer users may find that AV security 2012 won't be able to be removed by anti-virus programs. At this time, users may ask, what's the best and most effective way to remove AV security 2012 then?

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Resource from: http://blog.teesupport.com/uninstall-av-security-2012-virus-fake-av-security-2012-virus-removal-tool/
Good luck to you and how this works for all computer users!

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